The Problem

We know the path to homeownership is hard…

Why Is It So Difficult?

Buying a home is a cumbersome and archaic process which really bothered us…


Risk of losing house to another bidder

Disadvantaged by mortgage contingency

Stressful decision amplified by lack of flexibility


Down payment constraints due to low savings

Stricter lending requirements post-Great Recession

Credit challenges, including student loan debt


Time consuming

Numerous parties to coordinate (e.g., agent, lawyer, lender, inspector, insurer, etc.)

Limited control and uncertain outcome

The Path Forward

In fact, it bothered us so much that we’ve created an innovative home buying service that offers lease option financing.

The Current System

  • Forced to rent in an undesirable location
  • Unable to build home equity value
  • Forced to purchase a “starter home”
  • Leads to potential onerous move-up


  • No down payment
  • Simple lease with certain future purchase price
  • Streamlined process and automated experience